The words Judeo-Christian are most often used to describe the biblically based religious, moral, and ethical heritage of certain western societies. But there is a more complete definition  of Judeo-Christianity:

a belief system and lifestyle founded upon the principle of Sola Scriptura (by bible alone). The Holy Bible, in its entirety, is a complete and divinely inspired compilation of books written for revelation, instruction, and reproof. God has a plan that has been consistent through history as shown by the purpose of God’s laws and by the personal and national examples of the faithful: Able to Christ and his apostles. The Bible is a comprehensive life-map to both a good physical life and the only path to eternal life: Christ, the rock of our salvation, and His divine pre-incarnate nature as YHVH.


Judeo-Christianity emerged into the English-speaking world during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of Great Britain in the late 1500s, as part of the non-conformist Reformation movement. This specific reformation realized that both the Old and New Covenant Scriptures held authority rather than Catholic church traditions (Matthew 4:4; John 17:17; Matthew 15:3-9). However, this revival traces its beginning to the original ‘Church’ that Christ founded and the apostles continued in the wake of Christ’s death and resurrection.

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  1. DymnLefemof says:

    Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

  2. winnie wright says:

    Why do Christian continue to follow Roman christianity when it’s only commen sense that true faith is Judean Christianity. I feel this so strongly that I continue to look for a Messianic congregation in Scotland. Can anyone help.

  3. christopher odhiambo says:

    a nice article full with truth and joy.I mostly like your site be blessed.


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